Jamie B Burton - Motion Graphics designer & Illustrator
I'm hard-working, reliable, confident and well set up for working remotely, with years of experience working in teams based across multiple timezones.
I love working as a visual communicator, animator and filmmaker.
I'm a nerd, a father & a fan of stuff with swords in it, the NFL and I still love music. (check out my playlist below). 
I always drew as a kid and dreamed of designing characters for Disney but had no real comprehension that could be a possibility for me. At college, I was lucky enough to study music production and ended up landing a few jobs in that field. After a while, I took an opportunity to move industry into design & marketing, where I grew a love for the creative side of the work. Over time I re-focused my skills and ended up becoming a freelance motion graphics designer & illustrator and I've done that ever since (around 9 years and counting). 
I am currently employed in an agency and not currently accepting requests for freelance commissions. 
I like making playlists on Spotify
Have a listen if you like
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