The situation? 
We need a video animation to encourage and generate new sales interest in AFT and their products. The product line offers tremendous benefits not only in cost saving but also in environmental benefits. It's widely believed that a “fear factor” plays a part in the barrier to sales, with the products being perceived as difficult to install or too highly technical. ​​​​​​​
What is it? 
The product line consists of two main products Groundshield L and Monobeam and these should be treated as separate assets with the respective benefits and details presented clearly. 
Why make a video or animation? 
Animation is universally appealing and able to depict any situation imaginable, this is a cost effective way to show how the products work & how they're easily installed. Explainer Animations & videos are some of the most widely consumed forms of online media:
 - 45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or Youtube videos per week. 
 - After watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product or service online
 - Including a video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80%
Focussed on construction and architectural clients, our best foot forward would be to approach this as an explainer video that tackles and dispels myths surrounding installation difficulty. Sales become a byproduct of providing the user with information, empowering the potential client with knowledge that installation is manageable and by entertaining them. 
This has to be a high quality production to present AFT  and the products in the best possible light.  
I would recommend two videos that tackle each product separately. This is best to avoid any confusion between products and to ensure the message hits in an impactful way. We may find that assets are reusable and the two videos are created by repurposing parts of each video to provide costs savings. 
Length wise I would recommend keeping each production within the 1 min 30 region. 
Stylistically, It would work best to combine a number of techniques: the majority of the explainer would be executed in a 2D animation style with a 3D scene showing the product and the installation but also give a sense of quality and presence. Adding in real video footage could also help, if appropriate to the story. 
Option 1 - £1700
 - Single product video
 - Original Styleframes | Scripting | Storyboarding
 - All 2D & 3D animation work
 - Graphic asset production for the video
 - Editing
 - Video Rendering
Option 2 - £2900
 - 2 separate product videos
 - Original Styleframes | Scripting | Storyboarding
 - All 2D & 3D animation work
 - Video onsite filming   
 - Voiceover artist and studio hire
 - Graphic asset production for the video
 - Editing
 - Video Rendering
I would envisage the 3D elements to have a similar vibe to this video
I would envisage the 2D elements could work in something similar to this
A Typical Timeline: 
Scripting - 1 week | We'll work with you closely to produce a script and story that hits the mark and achieves the goals of the animation production.
Voiceover - 1-2 days | If required we'll arrange for a voiceover artist to perform the script under our direction. 
Storyboard & Concept art - 1 week | We'll produce the storyboard and style frame designs to give us a feel for how the video will look and feel once produced. Once the concept art  is agreed, we'll produce an animatic to establish timing and pace of the video against a sound track (and voiceover if required). 
Animation - 2-3 weeks | We'll produce the animation (and video shoot if required) and tackle any tweaks and amendments during this time.
Rendering and finishing - 1 week | This is where the final signed off video get out put into the correct format. Final rendering can take some time with 3D so it is best to allow upto a week for a 1:30 animation. 
These are approximate timelines, once you go ahead the project schedule will be worked out. ​​​​​​​
Working together
I like to offer flexibility for my clients and I have  a “lets get it done” attitude. That's why I provide a quality and varied range of visual services to help you scale and deliver as needed. If there is something in this proposal you're not sure about that need clarity or you would like to amend, please just ask. 
Project Management - Keeping Organised
I used detailed project management software to help keep organised and I  use a number of video review services to manage video feedback.
Remote and Accessible 
I work from home, during working hours, I'm always available to jump on a video call, I'm reachable through slack or on my mobile, WhatsApp and of course email, but if there's another way to communicate you prefer, just let me know. 
If you have any other questions about working with me please just ask. 
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