The Brief
Flowmech supply and maintain a wide range of Pressurisation Units & Booster Sets designed for use in high end commercial water installations such as hotels and other large scale buildings with demanding water requirements. As part of their dedication to professional development they also provide CPD training for engineering professionals and wanted a way to make the sessions more engaging. The animation has to depict the way their products could alleviate massive problems with water damage in commercial buildings. The finished animation needs to be engaging and above all, relay information accurately.
The Client
Flowmech  Products Ltd
Explainer Animation & Illustration
A Sample of the Final Delivery
The final delivered project is around 10 min long, but below is a quick 30 second cut to give a feel of the final animation project. 
Style Frames 
The Building
We looked at a number of style options and ended up with a wholly 2D isometric building style. This isometric vehicle worked well to depict the various rooms, scenes and situations needed for the project allowing us to jump from scene to scene using camera moves when to show when what's happening in one scene is affecting another.
Characters & Humour
Humour and lightheartedness were important factors to Flowmech, CPD has a reputation for being quite dry so to combat that, I developed a number of characters to use in the scenes. I played with various stereotypes and exaggerations to use in different situations. The characters were designed to move in a jerky, comedic way to help with telling that angle of story.
When designing the illustration of the equipment for the various scenes, it was very important to make them look closer to the real products than there rest of the style. I made lots of animations in this project that show the inner workings of equipment so it was important that the look be related to the real thing.
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