The FoodUnfolded Project
“Many of us see the food on our plate without really knowing its story: where and how it was produced, and the impact its production has on people, communities and the environment.” FoodUnfolded is a global digital platform designed to reconnect people with their food and empower them to change our food system for the better. FoodUnfolded® is powered by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Food, an extended EU body under Horizon Europe. EIT Food is supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).
My ongoing work with FoodUnfolded has focussed on delivering engaging science communication, backed by good science & quality data about the food system in the form of animation, motion graphics, explainers & infographics. These short-form animations are used across all social media channels and regularly achieve 30-80K view each and many other social media success metrics, furthering the brand reach and engagement. 
The production timelines are usually very tight, often needing turnaround in a matter of a few days, so working as part of the team has really enabled me to develop some vital workflow hacks and efficiencies that I can now use on any production moving forward. 
The Client
Motion Graphics, Animation, Design & Illustration
Examples of Animations produced
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