The Brief
Grocial provides easy to digest tutorials that can help anyone learn how to grow their social media. Targeted at those most interested in learning how to optimize their social media strategies by implementing best strategies taught through Grocial tutorials. 
“This is a launch video to introduce our audience to Grocial for the first time.” The video has to relate to the variety of users we can help, introduce Grocial to them and show that they'll become part of our global learning network in some way.
The Client
The Grocial Network
Illustration & Animation
Final Delivery
Check out  the video below
Style frames
Illustration Style
We opted for a limited colour pallet with an almost hand cutout feel to the characters and we all fell in love with the idea of an organic loop cycling through the video  represented in the emerging trees and plants that frame the action. Their logo featured a tree so it felt fitting that the leaves of the tree and plants should be used in the final logo reveal. 
“Thank You for going beyond the initial scope of work. We know it's not easy working with people on a whole different continent but your skills were just too good to pass, so thank you again for taking the time to work with us”.
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