Moving Image - Animation & Video
I can help businesses with a range of animation, motion graphics  and video services. My work is characterful, & lively but it's always executed with the clients aims at the forefront. 
Still Image - Illustration, Lettering & Design 
Illustration & design are at the backbone of the work I do, so offering illustration and design services makes sense. Let me know of any specific types of work you'd like to see, the chances are I've got something in the archives. 
Working together
I like to offer flexibility for my clients with a “lets get it done” attitude without limiting the creative potential of a project. That's why I try to offer a quality and varied range of visual services to help you scale and deliver as needed. After freelancing for so many years, I'm super comfortable working alone on a project and I'm really happy to work with other external freelancers too. 
Project Management - Keeping Organised
I use Trello extensively to manage project work, a number of video review services to manage video feedback and I track all work through my accounting software.
Remote and Accessible 
I work from home, during working hours, I'm always available to jump on a video call, I'm reachable through slack, on the mobile, WhatsApp and of course email, but if there's another way to communicate you prefer, just let me know. 
If you have any other questions about working with me please just ask. 
Day Rates (Remote)
My pricing is very simple
1/2 day: £130
Full day: £220 
Day Rates (In-house)
My pricing is very simple
1/2 day: £200
Full day: £300 
I'm happy to create a project price for you when required and I can also offer a range of retainer based options, just let me know if that would be something you're interested in. 
I use the Adobe suite extensively to expert level
Cinema 4D for all 3D based work
Toon Boom for all cell based 2D Animation work
If you have any questions please just ask, I hope to be working with you soon. 
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