There's a Senso superhero in every customers machine
The Characters of Senso are synonymous with your brand, customers recognise them and associate them with you, so we talked about bringing them to life and furthering their presence in your customers minds in highly dynamic ways through character illustration, animation, looping gifs, SVG's on your site and 3D style visuals. 
These are all things I can help you with and I'd relish the opportunity to work with you. I'm an illustrator and Motion Designer, passionate about character animation in all forms. 
Working together
I like to offer flexibility for my clients with a “lets get it done” attitude without limiting the creative potential of a project. That's why I've tried to create a proposal that will offer all the services you need with the options to scale as needed. After freelancing for so many years, I'm super comfortable working alone on a project and I'm really happy to work with the other freelancers you have involved too. 
Project Management - Keeping Organised
I use Trello extensively to manage project work, a number of video review services to manage video feedback and I track all work through my accounting software. I'm happy to send a monthly service report that shows what's been done and how much allocation has been used on what too if you'd like? 
Remote and Accessible 
I work from home, during working hours, I'm always available to jump on a video call, I'm reachable through slack, on the mobile, WhatsApp and of course email, but if there's another way to communicate you prefer, just let me know. 
If you have any other questions about working with me please just ask. 
Retainer based
Option 1: £2255 Retainer Per Calendar Month = works out to 2.0 days per week
Option 2: £1410 Retainer Per Calendar Month = works out to 1.25 days per week
Option 3: £895 Retainer Per Calendar Month = works out to 0.75 days per week
Your allocation days are super flexible, they can be used consecutively or spaced as the workflow needs. I track the work I'm doing whilst working on it to be as accurate as possible. I'm happy to pull forward allocation from future months (upto 2 months) to cover a spike in the workload or If you'd prefer, you can top up as needed at a reduced day rate of £275. 
This fee covers all aspects of the work we discussed, from 2D animation - 3D, illustration and Character development. 
Project based
Project based estimates: £?000
I'll provide a single fee based on the project requirements and the brief. The costs will vary depending on the complexity of the project and the skills required. This option does provide fixed costs. 
Freelance Day Rate: £350 per day. 
Just call me in as and where needed and I'll work to this day rate for you. All previously discussed services are available. 
Timescale examples
1 min of 2D animation 
1 days - 6 days
1 min of 3D animation
2 days - 10 days
Character illustration/design
0.5 days 1.5 day
10 second Looping Gif
0.5 days - 1.5 days
Character Rigging
1 days - 2 days
SVG for Website
0.5 days - 1.5 days
Animation is a relatively long process compared to design and illustration work but nothing brings a character to life more. These timescales really depend on the complexity of the idea and the source material available.
For example: if a character has been designed and fully rigged then that shaves out time from the animation workflow, 3D work takes longer because of the rendering time involved, Cell animation takes longer than keyframe based etc. It's really all a balance of objectives against the effect we want to achieve. 
If you'd like, I'm happy to provide an example timescale against a specific project you have in mind  if that would help? 
I use the Adobe suite extensively to expert level
Cinema 4D for all 3D based work
Toon Boom for all cell based 2D Animation work
If you have any questions please just ask, I hope to be working with you soon. 
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